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Areola & Nipple Restoration

This treatment is an areola and nipple restorative technique. This specialised work will create a nipple and areola for you to help with that feeling of “completion” after breast surgery and for many other varied and complex reasons.

This treatment is generally for women who have undergone mastectomies and other forms of breast surgery where they require the areola and nipple to be restored to complete their surgery. However, this treatment can also be performed where you’d like your areola to have more pigment.

Price will vary depending on scarring
Average cost from $680

Prices quoted will include all required treatments, so it is an ‘end result’ cost.

** Take note that most other clinics quote per treatment **

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Usually 3 treatments are required. The initial treatment generally takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.

“I feel like a real woman again, thank you Leila.” Diane

The natural and convincing results of micro-pigmentation of the areola complex helps you feel desirable again after unexpected misadventures or surgery. The ebbing away of confidence that ongoing trauma causes, soon rushes back as you see yourself, and feel whole again.

We understand that after diagnosis and invasive surgery, often the last thing you want to look at is more reconstructive work. However, it is likely your surgeon has ‘coned’ a nipple for you at the time of your breast reconstruction.

Six to eight weeks later you have the option of areola micro-pigmentation being provided by us, with soft natural colours especially formulated for this work. Many patients and surgeons will opt for 3D tattoo rather than darker skin grafts from other areas of the body.

“Para-medical tattoo is proven to give more realistic and pleasing results.” – Leila

Para Medical FAQ

How long does the procedure take?

Micro-pigmentation is done fairly quickly, with nipples and areolas designed and tattooed in two hours or less.

Do I really have choice?

We will match the areola area to your other breast, or create two beautiful areolas and nipples you will be happy with.

Will it hurt?

With little or no nerve endings in the breast area after your reconstruction to cause you discomfort, the procedure is usually painless. We have up to the minute anaesthetics on hand if needed.


After care is minimal. Your areola area will be prepared and covered with a gauze swab, and you will be asked to keep the area moisturised to help the healing process.

Over the next few days following your tattooing procedure, you will notice subtle changes and improvements. We advise you to keep the area clean and well moisturised. Little more needs to be done! The tattooed area which always looks darker  immediately following the session, takes on a more natural look over the next week to ten days. Perfecting the work with a second session follows when the area is exfoliated and totally healed.

How many appointments do I need?

There are two procedures. We want you to be delighted with your newly acquired areola complex. Your surgeon may already have given you breasts pretty enough that you may wear a T-Shirt without a bra. We give you the confidence of going bra-less in other circumstances.

We hope this has given you a brief understanding of the areola complex restorative technique.

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