About Leila Lau

About Leila and  Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic

I am passionate about giving YOU the look that enhances your natural appearance in the most favourable and comfortable way possible.

While having a comprehensive background in the beauty industry, I have dedicated my career to perfecting cosmetic tattoo, microblading and ALL permanent makeup procedures.

I originally trained in Germany as a Medical Aesthetician and since worked and trained with prominent educators in the United States, Europe and China. Every year I further and update my training to incorporate new and advanced techniques.

Originally I was born in Finland, moved to Australia for 5 years, then moved to Africa for another 5 years, then went back to Finland to finish my basic schooling. My professional training was done in Hamburg Germany as a Medical Aesthetician. I came back to Australia as a young adult and opened a Medi Spa, that I operated for 30 years. It was very successful, with at the end 10 staff . We did all the latest beauty treatment and techniques – I loved it but my main passion was always Cosmetic Tattoo. I have since sold it but it still operates very successfully.

Originally I did my basic Cosmetic tattoo training in 1989 in Hong Kong (as that is where it originates from) I, myself cannot wear eyeliner or makeup in general around my eyes as I have very “dry” eyes and it annoyes my eyes so much that they become heavy and red. So the idea appealed to me greatly. It changed my whole look, I then practiced on my family and it changed their look too (same allergies).  I have been in love with this technology ever since.


I believe because of my extensive experience medical beauty and cosmetic tattoo you will receive the best and safest treatment available.

I use the latest technology and equipment,  that will  give you perfect natural looking eyebrows, eyeliner or lip colour in the exact shading, intensity, shape and colour you desire! I uses a range of eyebrow tattoo techniques including microblading eyebrows, feather brows, Fusion brows combination brows, ombré brows.

I realise that all of this can be a bit confusing, so I strongly recommend you go to and have a few consults to find the best fit for you. I specialise in a more natural looking eyebrow but not everyone wants that look

Choose the look you will enjoy for years to come!


“My number 1 goal is for cosmetic tattoo work to look natural.
It should not look like permanent make up at all”

Leila is accredited and a fully certified member of

APAA Association of Professional Aestheticians of Australia

SPCP Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

ASEM American Society of Aesthetic Medicine

HWKH Association of German Medical Skin Therapy

BABTAC British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology

Tattoo Cosmetic Acreditations
Beaucare Acreditation

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What clients say about Leila

I have had my eyes done now for about six and a half years. It has been a great success. Before I used to poke myself in the eyes with my eyeliner and I would have to start my makeup all over again. Many people have told me how good it looks which pleases me. I am having a touch up and they look great. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of having it done.

Debbie O’Sing

Absolutely thrilled with the result. Found the lips a bit of a shock at first, but only for two days. So good to get out of bed in the morning (there is a mirror directly in front of me) and I look like I’ve just got home from a night out. Cannot recommend it enough, Leila is very confidence building and a pleasure to visit.

Jane Watkins

I have had the privilege of having cosmetic tattoo on my eyes and lips. It has been done in a most professional, comfortable and gentle manner. It is not painful, but a tingling sensation. The results are absolutely wonderful. Many thanks and best wishes.


I have found since having permanent makeup a sense of freedom. I used to have to “draw my eyebrows on” everyday. As you can imagine – after thirty years. I am really thrilled that my permantent makeup has alleviated this daily routine. I have done eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids and full lips done and I am absolutely delighted with the final result. Leila has made my experience very enjoyable. I found her to be patient and kind and extremely skilled at her job. I would recommend this permanent makeup to anyone.

Annette Moss

The wonderful sensation of seeing myself with eyebrows took my breath away. The art within Leila’s hands was exceptional. My makeup will become a no effort affair from now on. I am so pleased and thank Leila for her great care.


My experience with Leila was for corrective work on my top eyeliner and full lips. I had an unfortunate episode when I first took the step to have permanent make-up and it went terribly wrong and I could never leave home without lipstick applied to cover up the mess the previous unqualified consultant left. I was embarrassed about my lips and scared off completely from this procedure. Until I had the GOOD fortune of finding Leila Lau. Leila’s dedication and commitment to correcting my permanent makeup put me at total ease with every application session. Leila consulted me on what she could achieve, how she would do that, and instilled in me a confidence that is hard to find in any occupation. The result! One very happy woman! I now do not have to apply any eyeliner or lipstick ever! I just wake up, moisturise and leave for work. The finished effect is great and the convenience is even better. You always look your best.

Alice Spencer

I am very happy that I finally have eyebrows. I found the whole procedure to be very professional and only a very limited amount of discomfort. I expected a lot more pain and was pleasantly surprised. Angela
I feel that your eyebrows are the most important feature of your face, as your eye’s are the windows to your soul. Leila has opened my soul even more so with the beautiful art she has created with the permanent make-up. I am so grateful.


Firstly a big thank you for a wonderful job Leila. Having my eyebrows done has changed my lifestyle. Doing my brows first thing is not a priority anymore. I am more confident and relaxed and not concerned if I have my brows on evenly. I can also answer the door anytime – day or night – I know my features are more balanced. I would recommend this service to anyone.

K. Clark