Cosmetic Tattoo Repair

Some common cosmetic tattoo issues
that may need to be repaired are:

Pigment changing colour
Colour too dark
Colour not evenly applied
Wrong colour applied
You wish to change the colour

“Don’t put up with cosmetic tattoo work you do not LOVE,
you should be proud of your looks, it is possible”

You may need to have some previous cosmetic tattoo work repaired for many reasons, Leila will work with you to repair and enhance the area so that you are happy with the results.

Don’t put up with cosmetic tattoos that you do not  LOVE, I wants to work with you to achieve the look you will be proud of for years.

There will be a few different choices available and you would decide with Leila the best option for your individual situation.

Costs may be a little more than a new application as more treatments will be necessary to repair the existing work first. It may require that we do a tattoo removal process prior to going ahead with a new cosmetic tattoo colour treatment.

“I was so embarrassed with the work done on my eyebrows previously,
I thought I was always being started at and people were laughing at my ‘fake’ eyebrows.
Thanks to you Leila, I now love my new natural eyebrows and I’m so happy to hold my head high in public. You are the best!” Jenny

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