Cosmetic Tattooing FAQs

Is it safe?

Leila uses 100% hygienic practices. Pigments that we use are of the highest quality and do not use chemicals, only natural vegetable products. All equipment is sterile and individually disposable, and NEVER EVER re-used.

Does it hurt?

A very valid question. Your comfort and wellbeing are of extreme importance. That’s why Leila has spent a lot of time researching this area of the treatment, ensuring that she uses only the highest quality and intensity of topical anaesthetic. You just need to read our testimonials in the about page, to find out how pleasantly surprised our clients are about how comfortable the procedures are. Topical anaesthetics have been develped especially for permanent makeup procedures. These creams and gels are applied to the desired area before and during the procedure to assure you of the most comfortable experience possible. Some people describe the sensation as a tingling feeling. However, most people still experience some discomfort, especially for lip colour procedures. How much pain? On a scale of 1-10, you will usually be somewhere between a 0-3. Rarely is anything stronger than a Tylenol necessary for the discomfort and you won’t have to miss work or take time off to recover.

How long does it take?

On average, applying the make up takes 45–60 minutes. Before the treatment, Leila will ‘draw on’ the make up and apply a topical anaesthetic. All in all, you will require approximately two hours for your first treatment, followed by two to three sessions of about one hour each, with a period of three weeks between treatments.

How long will it take me to recover ?

You’ll look like you’ve had a good cry for several hours following eyeliner. It is advised to apply cold packs (not ice) for 10 minutes at a time during these first few hours. Also, it is important to wear sunglasses as your eyes may be temporarily sensitive to light. Eyebrow procedures have the least swelling. Lip colour often involves temporary sweling. You must let Leila know if yo have a history of fever blisters so medication can be prescribed.

How long will permanent makeup last?

It will last for a long time, but not forever. As you become accustomed to your new makeup it’s not uncommon to want more. You will want to freshen up your new makeup every couple of years. The darker the colour, the longer it will stay unchanged in your skin. Natural, delicate colours are often more vulnerable to the effects of the sun, swimming and breakdown by the body’s natural response. The amount of time it lasts for depends on your body and how fast it metabolises as well as the amount of existing sun damage of your skin, but generally speaking you can expect 3–5 years of great, easy to care for looks. After that, a touch up session is required to regain the full benefit of the permanent make up.

Will I have to keep my eyes open?

No, during the process, you keep your eyes closed and relaxed, as if you were resting.

Para Medical FAQs

For specific FAQ on the Para Medical procedure, please visit the dedicated page.

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