Diathermy Treatment
$98 per treatment

15 minutes per treatment
(incl up to 10 spots)

Diathermy can remove many skin issues such as red veins, skin tags, moles, warts, thread veins, whiteheads or other unwanted skin lump and bumps. See below for the full list of skin concerns that Diathermy can help with.

“Why put up with unwanted lumps and bumps
when there is such an easy treatment to get rid of them?”

Mole Removal Before & After

“I didn’t know that I could remove my unsightly skin tags until Leila told me.
So easy, they just fell off. To think I tried to hide them for years.”

Individual Skin Disorder Details

Removing Cherry Angioma with Diathermy

THREAD VEINS (Teleangiectasia) SPIDER VEINS (Spider Naevi)  BLOOD SPOTS (Cherry Angioma)  

These are all vascular (blood) blemishes. Red veins appear as small red lines, blood spots are round, red lumps, while spider veins have a central red spot with red lines leading out from them like the legs of a spider.
They can all be hereditary or are sometimes caused by damage to the skin such as squeezing a spot or an injury. Blood spots sometimes appear after a general anaesthetic. Red veins can be caused by exposure to harsh conditions such as wind and sun or smoking, washing with hot and cold water, poor skin care, pregnancy, certain medicines and many other causes. $92


spider veinHow are they removed?

They are removed with electrolysis using a very fine probe placed just under the skin’s surface and passing through a tiny amount of galvanic energy combined with a little heat to seal off the tiny capillary. This results in the capillary drying up and disappearing. The procedure is not painful at all but may be a little uncomfortable like a tiny nip or sting – a bit like tweezing a hair out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.59.48 amMOLES (melanocytic naevi)

Moles are simply a collection of skin cells, blood vessels and sometimes pigment (colour) cells gathered together and the average person will have around 20 – 30 of them. We are extremely careful to check that any moles to be removed are stable. They are removed by applying a heat energy to the surface of the mole, which seals off their blood supply. Sometimes 2 or 3 treatments arxanthomaseborrhoeic wartse required for each mole depending on how large the mole was to start with.

WHITEHEADS (Milia)removing milia whiteheads with diathermy
These are white, pearly, rounded lumps which occur in the uppermost layer of the skin when sebum (the oil produced naturally by the skin) becomes trapped in a blind duct. They are more common in dry skin. Milia can also appear in response to injury to the skin such as sunburn. They are treated by applying the heat energy of electrolysis to them. After treatment a tiny, pin-dot crust will form which will heal and fall away – usually within a few days – leaving no marking at all. $92

SEBORRHOEIC Wremoving seborrhoeic warts with diathermyARTS (seborrhoeic keratosis)

Seborrhoeic warts are not true warts as they are not caused by a virus. They can vary greatly in appearance and can be any colour from skin colour to very dark brown. They are oval or round and can be anything from a couple of millimetres to a few centimetres across. Although raised above the skin they have a flat surface which usually has grooves in it. They can be dry and crumbly. They are completely benign i.e.(not cancerous) and occur with age –usually from age 40 onwards – and can appear on any area of the face or body. They can be hereditary and some people have many of them.  $92

XANTHELASMA removing xanthoma with diathermy/ XANTHOMA

These yellowish-white pads usually, but not always, appear around and under the eyes in the eye sockets. They are a build up of fat cells under the skin and can be a sign of high cholesterol so if you have these it’s worth getting your blood cholesterol checked. $92

removing skin tags with diathermySKIN TAGS (fibroepithelial polyps, archrochordons, verruca filiformis
Skin Tags are soft and ‘squidgy’ i.e. you can wiggle them around and they can be skin coloured or brown. Sometimes they are caused by the same virus as warts. They can appear anywhere on the face or body but often occur in areas of friction such as the neck (from collars and jewellery), under the arms, under the breasts and in the groin. They can be hereditary, can increase with age and mayalso occur during pregnancy. They are removed quickly and easily by applying the heat energy to the stalk or neck of the skin tag – they come off at the time of treatment and usually do not require any further treatment. $92

Removing Sebaceous Hyperplasia with DiathermySEBACEOUS HYPERPLASIA

These are simply enlarged oil (sebaceous) glands and are completely harmless. They occur mostly on the forehead, nose and cheeks – the areas where there are most oil glands. $92


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